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5 QUESTIONS with Bartoli Design



Bartoli Design are family. The architectural firm founded by Carlo with daughter Anna and son Paolo has worked with Segis for a long, long time. So much so that they get an extra question. A bond forged with the Breeze chair in the 90s and renewed with each new collaboration: Uno, Camel, Longway and the brand-new table system Samu, introduced during Salone del Mobile.


 You have a very special relationship with Segis…

Indeed. We have travelled the same road for a while now. We know Segis very well, we have seen the company grow, we know what they can do and, more importantly, we know what they could do tomorrow, where they could go. For us it’s all about the future, the next project.




Let’s talk about the Samu family.

Samu is a series of tables for contract purposes. As such, its main defining aspect is the variety of shapes and materials for the tops. We were aiming for a very technical, minimalistic design: the bases, with this slightly retro, 50s-inspired aesthetics, are a direct result of our chosen material: sheetmetal, laser-cut and bent.




What makes Segis a major player in the contract world?

First of all, they have the right mind. They are pragmatic and focus on the things contractors value: certifications in the first place - just take a look at any Segis product and see how many international standards it complies with. The materials, the finishings, the coatings…

One other aspect to which we, as designers, devolve a lot of attention is the concept of family. We don’t want to design a piece: we want to design a system, a world. Maximum versatility, endless possibilities in terms of shapes, finishings, compositions… We call it micro-architecture: you have these huge places like airports or malls, big empty spaces, that’s where furniture can become a landmark, and people welcome it.




So, after all this time, what’s so special about Segis? 

It’s fun. It’s a healthy, funny relationship that gets better with time, like a bottle of wine. Franco makes a joke, we draw a sketch. That’s how we do it! 



5. You can have anyone from fiction and history grabbing a bite on Samu. Who will they be?  

Dick Tracy. While working on the next case...







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