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4 QUESTIONS with Massimiliano Mornati



Massimiliano Mornati is, as the song puts it, a Nature Boy. Sitting in his studio near Como, greenery and sunshine abound. The designer has a precious portfolio of collaborations, awards and overall great furniture pieces. We meet to talk about Artful, his first table for Segis. 


Looking at your portfolio, you seem to have a thing for tables with strong, ultra-bold lines...

I guess I do. I mean, I also like thin, etheral designs, but a table... a table has to be accountable. It must inspire strenght, stability. It has to show that you can count on him to carry the weight of your work. Hence the big legs.




How did the concept behind your Artful table come about?

We wanted to make a work table with a homey vibe. Office tables are usually cold, detached things. We wanted it to be warm, to convey something of a hygge feeling. That’s why it’s completely made of wood, which may not be the first material that comes to mind when you think about Segis.




What's so special about Segis? 

Their culture. When I go visit them in Tuscany, it’s all about the place for me. It’s the land of the Renaissance. Mind you, these are not just words. It’s still there. You can breathe it, you can feel it. They truly are heirs of those times, those values. 


You can have anyone from fiction and history working on Artful - who will they be?  

Jack Kerouac. Because he really did lean heavily on stuff!



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