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8 QUESTIONS with Archirivolto Design



Archirivolto Design want, in their own words, to make beauty accessible. In a career spanning over 30 years, they are almost a synonim for chair design. We meet with Senior Designer Cristian Gori to talk about their newest collections: the To-Be chairs and the Stay-On tables, unveiled during the last Milano Design Week.


You’ve been exploring chairs, as a concept, for a very long time. Is there still something new to say?

Definitely. The way we seat is constantly changing. We have to provide new concepts and new shapes to match new needs. For example, nowadays we seat in the office like we would sit in our own home. That’s new. Life is change and chairs are part of the life. And also we are passionate about chairs: that goes without saying!




So how did To-Be come to be?

To-Be is a family of seats specifically designed for contract purposes. Variety, in both shapes and finishes, is the word. The contract world needs chairs that can withstand the test of time, not just physically but also stylistically. So the design needed to be somehow familiar and, in the end, timeless.




So which is your favorite version?

My favorite version? The next! Wait and see! Ah ah!




What's so special about Segis? 

Franco’s jokes. Ah ah! We are very close. We talk a lot. That’s how To-Be was born, through dialogue and constant presence. I guess you could call it synergy. 


You can have anyone from fiction and history sitting on To-Be - who will they be?  

The Incredible Hulk! 'Nuff Said!


(The Incredible Hulk © Marvel Entertainment - for illustrative purposes only)


Let's talk about the Stay-On tables. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

It came to be (see what I did there?) with one clear goal: a system of tables for contract purposes. When we envisioned Stay-On, were thinking about malls as the ideal landscape. So it had to be this kind of universal design, something that can pop up everywhere in the world.




How is it important to have “poetic” objects around us, today?

 It is very important. The base of Stay-On gives this beautiful, weight-defying feeling, like a hand softly touching a surface with just the tips of the fingers. This poetic impression was designed, of course and, again, we were very aware that we were making an object for the  contract world.




Let’s say it loud: tables can be sexy. Do you agree?

Couldn't agree more. If I am allowed a joke, we all relished in providing Stay-On with a beautiful set of legs! Seriously, in the case of Stay-On you can definitely feel a feminine essence, thanks to the fact that it was designed in a very diverse and inclusive environment, with 15 people contributing to the final result.



So who do you imagine, grabbing a bite on Stay-On?

I can’t help but think of some scenes from La Grande Abbuffata (La Grande Bouffe). I’d love to see Stay-On in there! 






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