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Greenvale Secondary College

Greenvale, Victoria - Australia

­Greenvale Secondary College: a campus propelled toward the future.

The Campus designed by McBride Charles Ryan & Kerstin Thompson is a setting where each detail is oriented toward learning and communication. From the exteriors to the design of the classrooms and common areas, Greenvale Secondary College looks like a village whose spaces connect through an invisible fil rouge made of ease of use, flexibility, modularity – but also warmth, comfort and hospitality. A microcosm created for interaction.
­The Segis seats selected by architects McBride Charles Ryan & Kerstin Thompson for the interior design of Greenvale Secondary College, in Australia, reflect the same concept of linear elegance and functionality narrated by the campus’ facades - by Hutchinson Builders.

To-Be, designed for Segis by Archirivolto Design, completes the warm and comfortable aesthetics of the lounge area with its intrinsic versatility of application: its timeless style and the refined alternation between full and empty volumes prove to be perfect for communicating an idea of relaxation and conviviality. 

For the classrooms/laboratories, the designers chose Cult: a contemporary-looking stool inspired by the harmony of a bygone era, whose delicate shapes create a perfect balance between metal and polypropylene. Just like To-Be, Cult was also designed for Segis by Archirivolto Design.

 Architects: McBride Charles Ryan & kerstin Thompson

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

Photography by Enterprise Photography


ToBe chair

Cult stool

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